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About Yucaipa Equestrian Center

YEAC is a cooperative community project of YEAC and the City of Yucaipa. All monetary donations are used exclusively for improvements to the Center and for operating expenses. No compensation is paid to the officers or directors of YEAC.

We have seen some very noticeable improvements to the Equestrian Center these past couple of years due to the City of Yucaipa's rehabilitation program. The main arena has baseboards that will help keep our new footings in place. A new Snack Shack Bathroom facility with upgraded electrical and sewer systems is a beautiful addition. A new "Tot Lot" playground for youngsters is in place with equestrian related items. Further improvements are still to come.

Our Wants & Needs far out-weigh the monies set aside for our center, but we will continue to secure funds, grants, help and donations for our ongoing wish lists.

The Yucaipa Equestrian Arena Committee is a non-profit organization that donates a lot of time and effort towards making this City Park inviting and interesting for our community as well as our neighboring communities.

We continue to maintain and improve our beautiful Equestrian Center to make it an interesting asset for the community.

We are the home to many youth and adult organizations that use it for monthly events, meetings, and even as a training center for the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Dept. Mounted Police program.

In an effort to move forward with proposed improvements we participate in two major fundraising activities.

1. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department's Annual P.R.C.A. Rodeo in Devore. The Yucaipa Equestrian Arena Committee sells tickets for this Benefit Rodeo each year in September. This fundraising program offered by the Sheriff's Department is very generous. We have used our share of the monies for the improvements to our warm-up/calf sorting arena and other maintenance projects.

2. Charity Bingo- The Yucaipa Equestrian Arena Committee was offered this affiliate fundraising program held each Tuesday evening at the Yucaipa Elks Lodge at 12165 2nd Street, Yucaipa. Each week "Friends of YEAC" join together not only to help YEAC earn monies for our ongoing projects, but to have fun and at the same time have an opportunity to win a few extra dollars. (Game prizes start at $250). Anyone wishing to participate in these fun projects can do so by calling Sandy (909) 795-0268 for a card with a special bar code to be scanned when you purchase your buy in packs. You can also download a copy of our flyer that has the bar code included. You will find Sandy at the Elks every Tuesday participating in this program if you wish to get a one of our bar code cards for your convenience. Please be sure to use the bar code when purchasing your packets so that YEAC will get credit for the purchases.

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Get your tickets today and enjoy a night of Western sporting action with professional rodeo cowboys and cowgirls.

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The Sheriff's Rodeo is located in the heart of the Glen Helen Parkway. From I-215, exit Devour and continue on to Glen Helen Pkwy. Click the button below for a map and directions.

Our Mission

To provide a premiere benefit rodeo that will support our commitment to public safety and children through the efforts of the Sheriff’s Equine Organizations. Through our concerted efforts, we will provide a memorable experience for the community and its participants.

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